Saturday, April 26, 2008

amazing night w. my bbbffl (bestiest best friends for life duh!)

hey yoo wu? it's shannaon and niki again today we learned
1) twilight rox
2)shannon is nick jonas and niki is kevin
3) nicole is gerard and shannon is bob
4)we both  are obsessed with robert pattinson from twilight
5)juno is an awesome movie
6)when robert played cedric in hp he was really hott
7)nicole can do a perfect impression of his dad
8)draco malfoy has perfect hair
9)taylor l. from twilight is hot with short hair but not with long hair
10)harry wants to make out with cedric in moaning mertles bathroom
11)nicole can't pernounce humuhumunukunukuapua'a from hsm2
12)we both know the song to "our song" by taylor swift
13)gerard way is NOT gay
14)mr.pool likes billy joel and he is amazing
15)shannon is alice and nicole is edward
16)b/c nicole like shiny silver volvos and shannon likes stolen yellow porches
17) the shirts 4 the DC trip smell like ink and nicole (hot topic/ spences/zumies)
going to bed but won't sleep. promise to dream of taylor l and robert p.
xoxo niki& shannon (///.0)
oh and black fat guys on the sims don't like frank iero so the push them in pools til they drown and nicole can't cook so she set gerard on fire by accident or was it? lol nighty night :*

Friday, April 25, 2008

hola chica's and chicos!!!!! lol i'm here with my bbffl "bestiest best friend for life! lol) and were looking up the cast 4 twilight omg omg! robert pattison is soooooooooooooo adorable (the guy playing edward) i was sooooooo wrong he is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll put a cut poic of him up l8er!
himmm!!!!! soooo cute but this is what edward is soposed to look like... up there w. the orange hair anyways back to me and shannon shannon is like my bbffl!!!! lol um were watching "the pacifier" right now and'll watch  juno l8er lol i looovee juno it's such a cut movie any ways ima lit her talk now... o'hara take it awya-yea robert is so hott....but who know is even hotter......i have a huge obsession with the jonas brothers but i get made fun of for it.........BUT WHO CARES WHAT PPL THINK......i mean seriously !!!
its their opinion !! nicole gets made fun of b/c of her mcr obsession but she doesnt care aanout the ppl anyway !! i cant wait to see juno....ive never seen it b4...we'll write bac l8ter about what we did so we will write bac soon !!!