Friday, September 12, 2008

never simple...

 david and i broke up.  it took only two days.
1. i got to cheer practice. mariah says she needs to talk to me. she tells me david is telling everyone he's going to brake up with me.
2. i take a walk with david and mention it to him. he deinies it i get quiet becuase i know he lied to me. he decides to tell truth and admitts it. i decide to forgive him
3. i go to school the next day. everything is good until shannon tells me she needs to talk to me. we go into the bathroom and she says David wants to break up with me for alexis. ( a few things to know about alexis 1. she's shannon's best frined 2. one of my best friends as well. 3. davids ex- girlfrined 4.she's dating one of my bestfrines (james.) 5.  she's a whore.) Shannon then tells me that alexis said she was going to say yes.
4. i start crying and attempt t avoid david (no luck). i get to lunch and mat (one of Davids best frineds and mine too) says nicole come her i need to talk to you. i go with him an he tells me that david told him he was going to break up with me for alexis. i say i know and decide then to brake up with him. i cry again.
5. i decide to tell it to him after shcool 'cuz i ssually c him by th e library and of course this had to be the one day MS. swift let us out late. i decide to call him and tell him. he understands that we're breaking up but doesn't know why becuz his phone had no service. i'm like if you want totalk meet me by my locker tomerrow )today)
6. i tell him. he gets really sad and at the end of school when he passes me and hands me anote. it says that the whole thing was bs and he never was gonna break up wth me. then he's all "no matter what you think i'll always love you." i'm like wtf  so now i have to talk to him again maybe tomarrow. 
i'm so upset i think i'll write abook about this one day..  (haha writers joke) i hate this nothing is simple with david...
   just becuz i was the one to brake up w. him this time doesn't mean i still don't love him., but he needs to understand that you don't mess any body like that. ecspecially sinse this is the third time he's done the same thing. i found out the last time he really didn't have any problems going on at home, he asked out alexis and because she said no he asked me back out. i fell like killing somepne but at the same time i wanna hug...

Friday, September 5, 2008

new blog

i have a new blog go to