Friday, July 24, 2009

Funny People

Hey ya'll!! wasup????
So i love my cheer couch. She makes me laugh. I called her today and was like "Hi couch it's Nicole." Instead of being all "Hello Nicole. Hows your summer" or "How have you been" as is expected in a civilized conversation but was like "Yeah hi. What do you want?"
now i don't feel any anger or dislike my couch because she is a very nice and civilized women when she wants to be lmao. She makes me laugh because she is so different in her manner at to which she behaves.
i have to wonder sometimes what goes on people's head that makes them act so funny.
'til next time
xoxo Niki (///.0)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

new postsecrets!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


hey so i was reading through some of mey post and was like wow i sound like a winning baby "poor me poor me" yadi yah. any was so i want o say thatn x to all who read it and probably resited the urge to puke and or yell at me and tell me to get a life. ima try to delete most of themcuz i want to keep this blogs one lighter and more full of life. so yeah pshhhh ROCK ON MAN!!!!
oh and ignore the random pic of flapjack i just think he's so dang adorable.

throw back the starfish

There is an old story that tells of a man walking along a beach when up ahead in the distance, he catches sight of another man acting strangely. As he gets closer, he notices the man is picking things up from the sand and throwing them into the water.

Upon reaching him, he sees the objects being tossed are starfish, stranded on shore by the retreating tide. Curious about his intentions, the first man asked, “What are you doing?”

“I am saving these starfish,” he replied. “They won’t survive in the sun until the tide returns.”

Totally taken aback by this statement, the first man said, rather indignantly, “Aren’t you being a little silly? Do you not realize how many hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of starfish there are in the sea and that by throwing a few back will make absolutely no difference at all?”

The second man said nothing but was unfazed. He picked up yet another starfish and threw it out into the waves. He hesitated for a moment, then looked back the first man and said, “I just made a difference for that one.”

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i've herd about post secrets and I decided i'm going to make a list of the funny ones i find and some that are mixed in, are really mine. can you tell the diffrence?

1~ "Ignore your family and they'll go away" I read this on a sighn in DC and thought most people probably saw it as a warning, but i took it as advice.
2~ I want to swim out to sea until i'm to tired to swim back to shore.
3~ I feel worse for animals than homeless people
4~I wish life was like dreams where every thing fits into place even if it means never waking up.
5~ i've kissed more girls than boys. (i'm a straight girl)
6~ I'm cheating on a mormon with a drug dealer (hahaha this one mane me like freak out)
7~I walk V...E...R...Y... Slowly across cross walks so cars wait for me and i can annoy them.
8~ I like getting MRI's because i like to imagine i'm a vampire in a coffin so i close my eyes and pretend the lid is black. (i just got a MRI so this one made me laugh)
9~ I have more pictures of random annime crap than my own family.
10~I leave the bathroom door open a crack when i shower in hopes that one day my roommate will join me.
11~ when i see an airplane i watch it so if it crashes i can be a witness on tv.
12~one time i saw my grandmother completely naked
13~i was raised to be this straight edge goody goody, well i;m sick of it. I honestly just want to get drunk and have piercings everywhere.
14~ I don't want to admit that i'm gay because i still dream of becoming president.
15~ i once considered dating a boy for free drugs.