Saturday, February 9, 2008


ok so every month we have a dance @ our school right? so yesturday we had a dance. i was the first one i've been to w/ david AND olivia @. i've only missed one of the dances so far so i told them i \t was gonna b sooooo much fun and they should go. ussually it's me mariah gina lexi and alyssa, sometimes amy. so there is this big thing going on between amy and andrew cuz she likes billie. but w/e amanda and i were trying to convince her to stay w/ andrew cuz he loves her and billie only loves her body and wut he wants to do w. it. anyways gina and mariah thought i was "ignoring" them and "ditching" them 4 amy. they felt left out. (this was b4 david even came) so i talked to mariah cuz gina wouldn't talk to me. mariah decide she was gonna yell @ amy bcuzz she should "cut the sh**" and stay w. andrew. i almost died mariah wasn't soposed to know. so i want imto the bathroom and startedfreaking out and crying. (i know i'm such a baby but i felt so helpless) all i know is i was freaking out. finally mariah came in and said she was sorry and didn't say anything to amy of course amy comes over. it was like omg when  will it end! nvr again!
(i'lll finish l8er my moms up)
XoXo NiKi

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