Friday, May 23, 2008

things i learned from reading twilight series
1) vampires are HOTT!
2) the name edward may be old fashioned but it's still really sexy! loljkjk
3)werewolves heal fast and r reallly hot
4) vampires are better than werewolves
5) myths agout vampires
1) they sparkle so they don'tbut CAN go out in the sun w. out melting
2) they dont have long fangs
3)they cant die from a stake in the heart
5) werewolve myths
1)moon light doesn't turnthem into a wolve anger does
2)silver bullets don't kill them
6) i'm obsessed
7) lions can fall in love w. lambs
8) were wolvws pop instead of transform
9)to many things to list
10) the most important- fictional creature/guyts are waaaaay better than real human guys lololol                                                                          
xoxo niki (///. 0) and guest Shannon o'hara!!!!! ^-^


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