Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i've herd about post secrets and I decided i'm going to make a list of the funny ones i find and some that are mixed in, are really mine. can you tell the diffrence?

1~ "Ignore your family and they'll go away" I read this on a sighn in DC and thought most people probably saw it as a warning, but i took it as advice.
2~ I want to swim out to sea until i'm to tired to swim back to shore.
3~ I feel worse for animals than homeless people
4~I wish life was like dreams where every thing fits into place even if it means never waking up.
5~ i've kissed more girls than boys. (i'm a straight girl)
6~ I'm cheating on a mormon with a drug dealer (hahaha this one mane me like freak out)
7~I walk V...E...R...Y... Slowly across cross walks so cars wait for me and i can annoy them.
8~ I like getting MRI's because i like to imagine i'm a vampire in a coffin so i close my eyes and pretend the lid is black. (i just got a MRI so this one made me laugh)
9~ I have more pictures of random annime crap than my own family.
10~I leave the bathroom door open a crack when i shower in hopes that one day my roommate will join me.
11~ when i see an airplane i watch it so if it crashes i can be a witness on tv.
12~one time i saw my grandmother completely naked
13~i was raised to be this straight edge goody goody, well i;m sick of it. I honestly just want to get drunk and have piercings everywhere.
14~ I don't want to admit that i'm gay because i still dream of becoming president.
15~ i once considered dating a boy for free drugs.

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Cassie The Venomous said...

Ha-ha! I love post-secrets so much! Some of them are really shocking, others hilarious, and some you can simply relate to.