Friday, July 18, 2008

tinterview with the vampire


i just watched this movie it was awsome!!! but tottally tragic with a capital T (lol mcr joke) it wasromantic and sexy and creepy and grrrroooosssss beyond belief but amazing ner the less it was called "interview with the vampire" i'm reding the series so i thought i'd see the movie!!! dude brad pitt looks hot w/ long hair and in tights kristen dunst was soo cute when she was younger and tom cruise loooks awsome in tights w. fangs but awful w. long blonde hair. also antonio some name i can't pernounce(from spy kids the father dude) looks awful period as a vampire any was the pics r above. 
xoxo niki (///.0) help i have an unhealthy obsession it's soo morbid but  can't stop it's like i'm a vamp adict ewwwwww nvm ii'll find a way to cure my self. to be honest the only reason i watched it was to gross myslf out so i'd stop but ithasd the opisite affect it was facinating! sh*t!

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