Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tokio Hotel... thanx becca! haha

Ok so my cousin Becca and i a long time ago bought a Tokio Hotel CD so now i totally love them. 
I recently just did my reserch on them. it was way hard to find ANYTHING on them except the're names because everything's in GERMAN! i was like"What the hell!?" Anyways i guess it's bcuz the band is from Germany... anyhow so i was looking up stuff on their lead singer Bill Kaulitz  or w.e the f*** his last name is. and i was like "Whoa he's cute!" so i read a bunch of crap on the band and found out their guitarist is Bills twin! my sister was like "No duh Nicole they look exactly alike!" and i said " No! bill has spiky awsome black hair and Tom has blonde dreads!" but i guess she was right it was pretty obvious... 
So anyhow i was looking up pics of the twins and found two that desturbed me. one was Bill putting pants on, but he had really long black boxers on so that was fine just unexpecxted. The other was Tom with his pants pretty much off. 
he had like no underwear on and that's fine if he likes it that way but i was like "Man whore alert! man whore alert!" 
So then i was like fine I Hate Tom but I love Bill and George (bass). Then i was going through pics and George is just as bad as Tom! i'm like"WTF is up w. this band!" 
Then i looked up crud on their drummer Gustav (hehe funny name!) and he's soooo boring (well in my opinion anyways. he likes the internet and is real quiet!) so now i'm back to Bill and Gerard....
haha sorry random outburst..

XoXo NiKi (///.0)

 ** ' Till next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **


Anonymous said...

Tokio Hotel is AMAZING!!!
You should look up some of there new stuff its not on in German because they have two english cd's out (Scream and Humanoid)
and as for those pictures you found i wouldn't trust them so much there are a lot of obsesed fans that like to photo. So anyhow you should check them out some or look up THTV tokio hotel tv on you tube or some of their musik!

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Anonymous said...

None of them are man whores thank you very much. All those pictures you saw like that are manipulated images that little fan girls have used in Photoshop. Basically someone else's body with their heads on and if you look you'll see that. Sad as it is there are some really odd fans out there. but check out their newer stuff and all the newer pics (Bill with his shorter hair and Tom with black cornrows) and you'll find some really great stuff.

Btw, those boys are awesome! Totally friendly