Saturday, July 12, 2008


OMG SOMEONE HELP ME. i'm looseing my mind! i now have a strange iintrest wait no OBSESSION with vampires.... maybe it's becuase of twilight but i'm reading annne rice's vampire croniculs and have lately been absentmindenly surching vampire ledgons. 
when i catch myself i'm disgusted. how gross is it to have that kind of intrest with something so evvil morbid and just plain sick? it fasinates me. 
XOXO NIKI (///. O)


Anonymous said...

um look hon,
its very normal and OK to have a fascination with darker stories, and its not committing a sin to like a good book. this does not mean that you are wrong or bad or that you are somehow evil for having an interest in such things. many people live perfectly fine and good lives and still read a vampire novel once in a while, it is perfectly OK and normal to have these kinds of feelings. just remember to pick up your bible too and things should turn out fine!

Blue Jean Sparx said...
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Blue Jean Sparx said...

It's fascinating because vampires are sexy, some tempt or coax their victims into letting them bite innocent flesh it is in a way like Edward Cullen from Twilight mentiones a lion and a lamb. It's like men and women, dominant over submissive. I myself am not disgusted. I've always had a little crush on vampires in stories since I was a little girl watching black and white vampire movies, I just couldn't wait until the girl finally gave in, almost like when a man tempts a virgin into saying "YES" It's kinda sexy if you think about it. :) Look at Beauty and the Beast, I know it's a different story but, kind of the same only vampires make it look so much more delicious and exciting to give yourself to them. They give me goosebumps and when I first saw Twilight I instantly got a massive crush on Edward, I've been watching the movie non stop since it came out on DVD everyday, I can't get enough of it and I'll be sad once all the movie hype dwindles to not a word about it. That happened to me when The Lord of the rings came out I was so exited for all 3 movies to come out but once The Return of the King came out I knew I'd never see Legolas again. I'd love it if Peter Jackson did more with the elves history or if there was more than just Twilight and the books Stephenie Meyer had out so far, I suppose you can't have your cake and eat it too, what I mean is, you can't keep writing about the same character, I mean Edward Cullen is supposed to be 17, how would it look if the actor Robert was 50 still playing Edward? Oh well. Maybe the author would get creative, ha ha, wishful thinking. I love Vampires, I miss The Lost Boys too, I got that same damn crush on Kiefer too. I'm not a vampire chick, I don't file my teeth but deep down I kind of wish they were real, maybe they are, Oh My *faints*