Thursday, July 5, 2007

48 hrs with only 6 hours of sleep

okay like i said my pasion is music and i want to rock out on stage till the day i die. everyone knows sometimes rockers have to go days with little sleep so i wanted to see if i was able to go 48 hours with only 6 hours of sleep. so last night i layed awake until 2 am until i allowed myself to go asleep and i woke up at five. i have stayed awake since it is 11:00 and i am so tired and have the worst headche ever!!!!!!!! tonight i will do the same thing and see if i pass out before 2:00 am. it's like suicide i know but "if life an't just a joke then why are we living?"(dead my chemical romance). yes thats my philosipey and i will stick to it. man i hope i don't pass out tomarrow i amtrying everything not to look tired so people don;t notice but i still look like i'm dead man i am seriously killing myself for the sake of music!!!!! i want it so bad! i'm going to go get a tylonol(i spelled that wrong but i don't care)

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