Monday, July 2, 2007

my boyfriend

okay it's alittle late for me to post this but i forgot to.
okay after a relation ship with a guy who could careless if i was alive or dead (well really he was really imature) for a year and a half i finally got the courage to brake up with him. it was at the eith grade grad. i was sick of him being so well you know being a guy(no offense guys) so i wallked up to him witha ll this confidents but when i saw his beutiful puppy dog eyes the confidents drained out of me like water down a drain. but i pushed my self to do it. i must've done something right because he gave me a hug.
XOXO NIKI (///. O)

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yay! niki! its me mariah lol im gonna try makin my own blog sooo yeah.. k ily