Sunday, July 1, 2007

omg dude creepy hot guys!!!!

okay so iwas at spash down thursday for a party with my friend gina. we were supposed to be walking back to the car but we wanted to go on to 1 more ride b4 we left. me and my friends ariana and kayly went over to the water slide for one miore time. as we were walking to the slides there was this group of REALLY HOT GUYS BEHIND US so wjhile we were walking my other friend spoted us and asked us were we were going and we were like we wanted to go on one more ride and then the guys behind us were like
"i'll take you for a ride" omg it was so freaky!!!!!! so then they followed us all the way to the slide and went right after us on it wich was kinda wierd. then we went to the car and lucckly didn't see them again.
XOXO niki

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