Thursday, July 19, 2007


hmmmm okay so i went camping this weekend right? so lets start from day one. first of all i was made to ride with my dad and thats not fun because he tottally despises mcr. but w/e so wen we got to the camp ground my parents fought like heck. then my cousins and uncle came down lets put it this way my parents stoped fighting. but my cousins, sister and i went to the arcade. becca and i went on this rollercoaster thing were it felt like we were really on one well no it wasn't exactly the same but w/e. at the arcade there was this kid who seriously followed my cousin and i out on to the p/g it was so annoying. the second day my cousins left. the 3rd day a storm hit and then we went fishing. there was some creepy but friendly old dude that kept trying to talk to us. the 4th day my parents broke camp while my sis and i ent offf. but wen we got back they were all pissed off at us 4 not helping but they were the ones who told us to leave!?! i was like wtf? but u know it was fun esspecially the smores lol
xoxo niki (///. 0)

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