Sunday, July 1, 2007

omg i was stalked!!!!

okay this is niki and becca talking. we went to mall today and there was this guy at borders the book store. i saw the new linkin park cd an me being me reached for it and yelled HEY BABY!!! then this really wierd guy who worked there was like hey how are u can i help u find something?dude how rude!!!! i mean like its the 21st century who says may i help u anymore?!? any way then we were by this norah jones music secsions. becca and i were looking at her dress and thought it was cool. then bec was like who is she and then we felt this thing on our shoulders. it was the the guys head and then he stood up and was like who norah jones. he was wierd but not as wierd as the guy in hot topic (my favorite store ever!! lol like u needed to know that) and he was in all black. he had a black cape and a man purse (all hail the man purse) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his eye shadow tottally outlined his eye socket but a little more like to his nose. he was very pale w/ red around his mouth. he was w/ some guy in a white shirt. okay dude in the cape if ur reading this u rock go individuality!!!! lol okay this was really long hope u enjoyed!!
(it's all norah jones fault!!!!!! lol jk idk)
k if u don't believe me or want to read it from becca's point of view then go to

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